YERBADIABLO It doesn’t work Review

Yerbadiablo cover art

YERBADIABLO “It doesn’t work”

Atomic Stuff Records

This is an interesting experiment of fusion rock with influences from many sources. It seems like these guys have great experience playing for other bands, and here, they conceive great songs based in eclectic ideas from 70’s rock, alternative metal, blues, etc, and tied everything with good taste and prolific ideas (sung in English and Spanish) where you can hear sax, harmonica, polymorph-psychedelic keyboards, and a lot of honesty.

There are some aspects I liked a lot, but also there are many I don’t. I can’t say that there is a line musically speaking in the whole album, although I must admit that all songs called my attention in different levels. Maybe, that’s the point, and these are compositions for damage your brain, I mean, for make hurt in your senses and finally that’s the message. If you ask me, the band sounds great for live shows, making distinct improvisations between different sections. I would pay attention for a next album before I say I love, or I fucking hate the band. PS The track “Habemus Punk” is an excellent piece of punk-hardcore. I hope they record more things like this! – Victor Varas

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