SURVIVAL Rock and Roll Sacrifice Review

Survival cover art

SURVIVAL “Rock & Roll Sacrifice”

Metal Ways Records

I remember the demo from the band, reviewed some years ago. It’s an excellent mix of speed metal and thrash metal spirit, with all the corrosive attitude and honesty from 80’s. If you ask me, these young dudes increased a lot musically speaking and all tracks denote a lot of work behind rehearsal room’s door.

Influences are coming from different sources, beginning from the most obvious: Brazilian gods Sextrash and its cover photo…. hehehe!! Well, at least musically speaking, I think they are more into a fast Motörhead, just listen to those poisonous guitar riffs full of power and painful licks. Everything is forged in this punkish atmosphere which is covered by a bloody sound, and punkish-chaotic sections direct to the bone, if you know what I’m talking about. Also, you can hear some sounds of Germanic thrash metal, like Destruction, Mekong Delta, old Sodom, etc. My only complaint is that the band has too many clichés, and for moments you will find them a bit bored or useless. But, who cares about clichés anyway? These youngsters rock! And they are in their best moment so far. Let’s see what happens then. It’s recommended for thrash metal maniacs looking for the new wave in Mexico.


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