AGRESSOR Demise of life Review

Agressor cover art

AGRESSOR “Demise of life”

Dark Sun Records

Duuuude!! This is not another new thrash metal band from Brazil. According to Bio, Agressor was founded in 1982. It seems like they are not a very prolific band as they separated in early 90’s, and left only a couple of demos.

In 2001 reunited and continued the legacy with a couple of releases more, but this year they are back with a new full length album and believe me, this is a great thrash metal album, flavored in Brazilian deadly vibes. Actually, all tracks are well balanced and everything is forged in the most violent and rotten side of the genre, but I admit that it calls my attention because everything sounds clear, technical and with good musical arrangements. Also, you can hear some influences mainly from big names like (old) Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, etc, but these Brazilian musicians have a particular perspective of the genre, and developed an own style with rage, morbidity and excellent guitar riffs. As aforementioned, this album sounds clear, aggressive and well produced. It’s highly recommended for those who really appreciate the evolution of a band when new times have come, and they have to modernize their sound without falling in pretentious errors and shit like that. It’s a great discovery for me and I enjoyed most of this bloody thrash metal, done with honesty and maturity. Buy it or die!!– Victor Varas


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