COMBAT Mission of Mayhem Review

Combat cover art

COMBAT “Mission of Mayhem”

HTH Productions

What is more authentic than a punk-thrash metal band formed in 1984? No doubt, this is one of the most peculiar bands I’ve ever reviewed on this blog. Coming from Whitestone, New York, these guys signed with Combat Records in early days, and then released a successful EP under the name of NAPALM.

It seems like founders left the band but other musicians continued with NAPALM, and released some albums under the famous label SPV GmbH. Before you get bored, I’ll just say that original members reunited in 2002 under the name of Combat, and they have been active since then: producing their own music and making really loud thrash metal in the most honest, crude and punkish way. According to Bio, all tracks in this album were composed back in old days, and re recorded by the actual lineup. This is pure holocaustic thrash metal full of direct guitar riffs and excellent furious vocal lines. I can’t say this is something I didn’t heard in the past, but this makes me head bang and I really enjoyed these kind of aggressive-caustic-primitive guitar riffs, recorded in the pure vein of hard corish –punk vibes. It’s highly recommended for those who know about the genre since the beginning and just want to be sure that there are some underground bands out there keeping the true flame alive, with no childish pretentions or shitty attitudes. Support!! – Victor Varas

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