HELLRAIDER The Time Has Come Review

Hellraider cover art

HELLRAIDER “The Time Has Come”

American Line Prods

This is supposed to be a demo, but I have no problem to consider it as a full EP, as it includes five songs + two cover versions + three live tracks, and all material sounds cool. It’s crude, poisonous and direct to the bone, but this still sounding cool anyway.

Coming from Chile, these guys seem to have experience in thrash metal music as all tracks have own personality and deliver high dose of violence, adrenaline and frenetic vibes. Most of tracks remind me early Testament, but if you ask me, the band has many holocaustic elements and it really sounds tied. Also, in live tracks the band sounds more influenced by Slayer, which really motivates to see the band on stage. The lineup includes Fredy Diaz who was lead guitar in another great band: Disaster, and yes, he is a very talented musician as we can hear some moments of pure steel energy in live tracks. All in all, this is a great example of rude thrash metal coming from South America. I think they released a full length album in 2010. If someone wants to trade it, please contact me. – Victor Varas.



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