PYRE Human Hecatomb Review

Pyre cover art at Zombie Ritual zine

PYRE “Human Hecatomb”

Chaos Records

Now I know why this Russian band was in everybody’s mouth last year. For moments European death metal scene needs a new entity, for scratching the whole basement, and there you have it. This is pure fucking death metal full of violence, ominous melodies and a Swedish taste in blood.

Actually, the album has really great moments, like in middle section of “Disturbia”, where you can hear influences from different sources like Autopsy, (old) Unleashed, Nihilist, Entombed, etc., and “Last nail in your coffin” which is an excellent track forged in dark atmospheres and holocaustic guitar riffs. Also, I liked because the whole album keeps an honest-punkish aura, and that’s something hard to get. It seems like these musicians have huge experience in extreme music business as they have been part of other great bands like Drama, Septory or Ragor, but here they have a really mature band with excellent vibes ala old school and a promising debut album. It’s another hit-point for Mexican label Chaos Records. Support! – Victor Varas

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