VERMIS MORTEM Evil Never Dies Review

Vermis Mortem cover art

VERMIS MORTEM “Evil Never Dies”


What a piece of bestial death-black metal I have here!! It’s only a five tracks demo, but this is enough to show a quite experienced line-up, forged in blood, pain and morbidity. Coming from Brazil, this duo have been part of other entities like BEHAVIOR, and mighty POISONOUS.

Of course, all these tracks sound very tied and deliver high dose of holocaustic black metal. Also, vocal lines sound really good, with bestiality, violence and hyper-corrosive growls in specific moments, here and there. Seems like Mr. Marcelo the Evil One left traces of flesh at the microphone, during the recording session. Music sounds crude and direct to the bone, and thats what I expected from a black metal experience forged in primitive guitar riffs, deadly structures and old school vibes. This band don’t need to demonstrate anything to anybody, this is true extreme black metal music from Brazil. No false pretentions, no childish mistakes. It’s pure destructive music!! – Victor Varas

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