CRUCIFYRE Black Magic Fire Review

Crucifyre cover art

CRUCIFYRE “Black Magic Fire”

Pulverised Records

Hell yeah! Now we are talking! This dark entity was formed in 2006 by ex-members from antique death metal bands in Stockholm, like Afflicted, Morbid, and Crematory. Of course, this shit has the real old sound of Stockholm, and if you ask me, they dared to add some punkish touches here and there.

For the second album, they have mighty Erik “Tormentor” Sahlström (General Surgery) on vocals and Karl Envall (Kaamos) on bass guitar. The result is simply astonishing, as all tracks deliver putrid death metal vibes with morbid melodies, ominous vocal lines and this spirit of punk-hard corish in the whole production. Also, I find strong influences from obscured thrash metal, as all songs have complex structures that remind me early Slayer, Coroner, Sodom, etc. If you pay attention you will hear a very compact and mature death metal band, delivering excellent dark atmospheres forged in metallic blood. And I really liked that they produced the album taking care of minimal details. Kudos for old school tracks like “Wolf’s hour” and “Baphomet’s Revenge” (Including vintage keyboards on specific moments). More kudos for track “One and One is One”, it is an homage for horror death metal in the mood of Slayer’s Dead Skin Mask. This is recommended for lovers of satanic death metal full of painful melodies ala Swedish old blood. – Victor Varas

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