LURKING EVIL The Almighty Hordes of the Undead Review

Lurking Evil cover art

LURKING EVIL “The Almighty Hordes of the Undead”

Razorback Recordings

Despite the band was founded in 2012, these guys have huge experience in extreme metal music. Coming from Madrid, Spain, this duo has been part of bands like Disturbance Project, and Vomitando Bilis.

Of course those bands are the basement for this piece of rusted black-thrash metal, and it really called my attention because everything sounds holocaustic, gritty and professional. After an acoustic intro, the band delivers great guitar riffs forged in punkish vibes and fast-vertiginous thrash metal. You know, the heritage from Mötorhead, with basic rock sounds, and honest to the bone. You don’t really need sophisticated musical arrangements for this kind of poisonous attack, and if you ask me, the more primitive and direct, the better. Also, all tracks share the same atmosphere full of horror and despair, if you know what I mean. It’s an excellent debut album for this new born entity, recommended for lovers of deadly music and horror stories– Victor Varas

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