TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE Condemnation Review

Temple Nightside cover art


Dark Descent Records

I don’t know why every extreme metal band from Australia calls my attention, always. And this is not an exception. These guys have been part of many; I mean MANY bands in the past, like Nazxul, Funeral Mourning, Vassafor, Pseudogod, Diocletian, and The Slow Death.

Of course, this piece of atrocity is almost a marvel of mystic and bestial death metal full of funeral guitar atmospheres and morbid structures, for lovers of occultism and torturous music. The recording is raw and dirty, as you can imagine, this captures grey landscapes and sorrowful feelings. Actually, this is all about abrasive guitar riffs full of crudeness, and cavernous vocal lines in the purest vibe of early, primitive and extreme metal in 80’s. My only complaint is that some tracks are extremely long (“Miasma” is 9 min. long!!), and after minute 4 you can get lost in a dark labyrinth of rottenness and twisted sections. All in all, this album is a very interesting piece of Australian darkness, and although I admit is quite difficult to digest, the vibes are completely necromantic and bizarre. Support outstanding beasts like this one!! – Victor Varas



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