EMBLAZONED Eucharistiae Sacramentum Review

Emblazoned cover art

EMBLAZONED “Eucharistiae Sacramentum”

Deepsend Records

After fifteen years, this band released a debut album, and really worth every cent. Coming from Milwaukee these guys forged a very consistent and technical piece of death metal with some blackened elements here and there, which demonstrates that both genres can exist together in a composition line.

The band don’t need to demonstrate anything, they have knowledge for brutal compositions in the vein of old Incantation, plus a quite dense atmosphere covering everything. All tracks are forged in malicious guitar lines, extremely fast drums and touches of modernity, but they know how to balance the dish with excellent mid paced sections, like in the middle of “The Deceiver”, and the track “Perception” where old school vibes literally bleed the speakers. I admit that every instrument left me a good taste in the mouth, but bass player called my attention because it seems like he plays every single note with fingers, and believe me, he sounds incredible. The band has high skills in composition and I must say that all tracks have a characteristic putrid stench, which I will call an own style. And that’s something hard to get in death metal nowadays. It’s highly recommended if you are looking for a good American band with thick roots in old school and modern sound. – Victor Varas



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