INCARNATED Try Before Die Review

Incarnated cover art

INCARNATED “Try Before Die”

Selfmadegod Records

If you like polish band Dead Infection, you will be highly interested in this deadly entity. It’s simple: both bands share same vocalist/ guitarist Pierścień, although I think this is his own band. Yep, only brutal death metal is real and if it is added with gore elements and hyper dense guitar riffs, it’s even better.

After many demos, splits and a couple of full length albums, these guys come back with an excellent piece of Polish extreme death metal. All tracks sound fast, holocaustic and almost chaotic, but they handle excellent aggressiveness and deliver ferocious guitar riffs over powerful structures full of blood and old school vibes. Actually, the band added some touches of punkish elements here and there, which really sounds cathartic and ominous. Also, recording production sounds direct, rusty and extremely noisy; perfect for a band that choice to be part of an underground scene for years, and seems to be on the road to become a classic (They were formed in 1992 btw). It’s another juicy and bloody death metal band full of gore and painful guitar riffs, highly recommended if you are hunting European entities, drowned in blood and pus. – Victor Varas

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