PLANET OF ZEUS Vigilante Review

Planet of Zeus cover art

PLANET OF ZEUS “Vigilante”

Ihaveadrum Records

I’m sure that stoner rock is considered a fashion genre by old school warriors, nowadays. Of course, the thick roots on Black Sabbathian guitar riffs – Diamond Head heaviness, and consistent grooviness in all tracks are elements that all these bands share, but is still hard to become a successful act, mainly because in “stoner rock” or so called “stoner metal” is hard to forge an own style.

In this case, is my first encounter with Greek stoner rock-metal scene, and I’m must say I’m surprised. Planet Zeus is a great band with three full length albums so far, and it really demolished my speakers with high octane guitar riffs, hard rock structures, and one of those well-standing attitudes I’ve seen in underground bands. Of course they share more than one clichés with all the avalanche of “stoner metal” bands lately on stage, but I liked because all tracks are well tied with this doom atmosphere forged in dark melodies, and crunchy sections. Also for moments the band reminds me Stone Temple Pilots when they wanted to sound a bit heavier and aggressive. The album has excellent production, distinctive compositions, and veteran ideas. I don’t think this band is going to change the music history, and I doubt they mean to do it, but I’m sure this is a band that has many shit, and sooner or later they will be on big leagues. – Victor Varas

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