SOMAN World on Fire Review

SOMAN cover art

SOMAN “World on Fire”

Buil2Kill Records

This is an excellent debut album, full of intense death metal, melodic guitar riffs and heaviness in the veins. Coming from Ligury, Italy these young musicians forged a very decent material and seems like they combined clear ideas and high octane guitars through psychotic structures.

I liked because they added a lot of modern elements but music still sounds aggressive and rotten. Also, vocalist reminds me a lot Jan- Chris from mighty Gorefest, so you might already imagine what I’m talking about. All tracks contain high dose of musical arrangements and everything is tied by good taste, so you will not find useless complexity or arrogant sections. Just listen to technical guitar arrangements in track “Fatman”. It really works and let the violence go in every note. My only complaint is that the band falls in too much clichés, but, who says metal music hasn’t one of those clichés? Who fucking cares, anyway? It’s a great death metal album looking forward to make a place in the genre, and I’m sure they’ll make it soon. – Victor Varas

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