CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC To Sleep beyond the earth Review

Clouds taste satanic cover art

CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC “To Sleep beyond the earth”


Well, this is one of those rare recordings where after 5 minutes of hypnotic-doom music you ask “when is this dude/dudette going to start singing?” Coming from New York and with literally tons of funeral guitar riffs, this band recorded a very decent piece of doom metal, forged in caustic-primitive structures, atmospheric – repetitive sections and pure painful miasmas made of sorrowful lines and good taste.

The essence of this two long tracks – album is basically lethargic sections and slow tempo guitar riffs, but I admit that everything is tied to the point of every element is going to an specific place, and the blend of sounds takes you into a hypnotic trip full of psychedelic moments and sonic stress. These guys take a step beyond heaviness and caustic atmospheres. Of course, they use a lot of improvisation on this, and let the waves of music flow like waterfalls of blood. I can’t imagine how much time took this shit behind rehearsal room’s door, but the result is remarkable and almost extraordinaire. This is highly recommended for those people who enjoy atmospheric – epic doom stuff and for those who, at the end of the day, they close the door, the eyes and the subconscious windows, and let the music flow to dawn. It’s excellent!! P.S. This is a limited edition ’12 Vinyl. It’s limited to 300 copies, pressed on 150-gram vinyl with a deluxe gatefold sleeve. – Victor Varas

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