EXXPERIOR Killing Entertainment Review

Exxperior cover art

EXXPERIOR “Killing Entertainment”


This is a very interesting one man-project forged in the fastest, morbid and eclectic (to say something) side of thrash metal genre. It’s a second full length album and here is featuring many vocalists from different bands; maybe that’s why for moments it sounds eclectic and a bit unbalanced.

Seems like this guy Tom Liebing, composer and mastermind likes horror stuff and fast music, as he did incredible vertiginous guitar riffs here and there. All tracks are based in American old school sounds like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Anthrax, etc, but I admit he looks for an own style and everything sounds tied and fresh. If you ask me, the flaccid point is recording of drums, as sounds synthetic and too much clean. But, who cares anyway, if all tracks got great structures, excellent guitar riffs and tons of tempo changes. Also, all vocalists did a really good job, keeping the heavy metal essence in every note. As aforementioned, maybe many throats become a very unbalanced project, but it’s just a personal opinion. Support underground projects like this, and keep the flame alive you bastards!!– Victor Varas


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