MISEO Lunatic Confessions Review

Miseo Lunatic confessions cover art

MISEO “Lunatic Confessions”

Blacksmith Records

Aaaargh! After the debut EP called “The Dead Will Predominate” was released, these guys are in front of your death skull with a full length album, and believe me: it’s a fucking kick in your brain. Coming from Hesse, Germany, the band has high dose of hyper violent and holocaustic death metal.

Of course, they have influences from many sources, like Swedish metal scene in Gothenburg, and American old school, but they also focus in consistent rhythm section and excellent guitar arrangements. Also, they added some punkish and fetid breaths here and there, like in track “Ueberzucht und Untergang”, which was recorded with good taste and clean technique. I liked the way they take all these different elements and create good tunes forged in aggressive thrash metal or hard corish vibes, like in “Everybody’s Victim”. If you ask me, this debut album is better than the aforementioned EP, as production sounds powerful, shiny and direct to the bone. My entire support goes to this German power trio, which seems like they are on the big road. – Victor Varas


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