APOCRYPHAL Ritual Entombment Review

Apocryphal cover art

APOCRYPHAL “Ritual Entombment”

Self- released

Yep, suddenly I found this American entity which is also promoting a debut album. Please, don’t confuse with Finland’s APOCRYFAL that I reviewed yesterday. This American duo moves in territory of thick, doomed and catatonic death metal.

Actually, for moments they sound very atmospheric and hypnotic with primitive structures, corrosive guitar riffs and an extraordinaire dense vocal work. The album composed five tracks this time, and they incursion in various sides of death metal genre, like slow doom metal (example, a 13 min. track called “Swallowed into Perpetual Madness”) or the blast one “The Crushing Darkness” which is forged in explosive guitar riffs inside truly painful sections, vomited in slow tempo. I liked because these guys deliver high calibre death metal in different forms, and they really have knowledge about the genre. But I must say that they also have to mature a bit more in order to avoid repetitive sections, because for moments this is a bit tired and heavy to assimilate. Is not easy to compose long tracks in death-doom metal, and this is an example. – Victor Varas


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