ELVENSTORM Blood Leads to Glory Review

Elvenstorm blood cover art

ELVENSTORM “Blood Leads to Glory”

Infernö Records

The new album of this French band of course sounds more mature and professional than debut album “Of Rage and War”, released in 2011. All tracks have this “epic” feeling ala old Running Wild but, they also added huge influences from Iron Savior, Helloween, and in general all these Germanic power metal in the revival of early 2000.

The band also composed excellent guitar arrangements at rhythm sections; just listen to middle section of track “Sirens of Death” where you can notice high octane heavy metal in melodic lines forged in twin guitars. My favourite track is “Where Angels Dare to Die“, and I must say that I’m very pleased to hear a long opus, full of heaviness, melodic hooks and extraordinary vocals performance. Actually, Laura Ferreux has a particular tessiture in her throat, and really did a good job in a mid-range tone. I’ll not say that is the most aggressive vocalist I’ve heard in heavy metal music (and some of you will crucify me) but, this girl knows how to handle vocal duties with a melodic and even almost soft performance when it needs. But, you should listen to “Mistress of hell”, and you will find a surprise, really. In general, it’s a good return for this French heavy metal band; I hope to see them on stage soon. As extra info, this album includes a cover version of Savage Grace. – Victor Varas



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