ALBEZ DUZ The Coming of Mictlan Review

Albez Duz cover art

ALBEZ DUZ “The Coming of Mictlan”

Iron Bonehead Productions

The first time I listened to this piece of occult doom metal, I hooked because of the high quality of musical arrangements and total obscured atmospheres. Of course, the title of the album also called my attention.

Mictlan in Aztec culture is the place where dead people go, and this supposed to be respected in all senses. Yep, guess what? This duo is formed by a German dude and a vocalist Mexican dude. The result is brilliant, period. This is an excellent album full of obscurity, ominous guitar lines and thick roots in classic doom rock/metal like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and even Type O Negative. I really liked the way they composed dense songs with heaviness, solid structures and touches of sinister keyboards, here and there. If you ask me, what we have here is nothing less than a new generation of doom rock/metal forged in the true spirit of horror music. Is this my discovery of the year? Yeah so far!!- Victor Varas

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