CHRONOSPHERE Embracing Oblivion Review

Chronosphere cover art

CHRONOSPHERE “Embracing Oblivion”

Punishment 18 Records

For some strange reason, this young band from Greece reminds me for moments the Russian legend ASPID. Yep, and here we go with another young thrash metal band recovering old sounds and old glories of the genre.

Maybe you will find few differences between this and the fashion around the globe, but I must say something in defense of these guys. I think they are trying to define their own sound and they are on the right way since they composed high caliber guitar riffs made with technique and aggression, and in general the music is full of interesting elements. Almost all tracks are based in extremely fast guitar riffs and excellent musical arrangements which denotes precision, maturity and good taste. Also, vocal lines captured the essence of the wildest side of the genre, and this guy Spyros Lafias does it natural, with no false pretentions. Kudos for the high level of complexity in bass guitar lines (especially in track “Herald the Uprising”), this denotes musical skills and talent in that instrument. All is well tied by good structures and little details, here and there. This is recommended for those fans of the genre, and those who are looking for new names in European metal scene. – Victor Varas

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