SPARROWS Mark of the Beast: Eradication Review

Sparrows2 cover art

SPARROWS “Mark of the Beast: Eradication”

Vile Amusement Records

Following the album released in 2012, these guys are coming back with a piece of blackened/ death metal full of interesting caustic elements and furious extreme metal. Of course things have changed for this American band in the sophomore album, and now it sounds more mature and introspective than debut album, although is supposed to follow the same concept.

All tracks are based in violent death metal, but the band managed to add black metal elements like a dark miasma in the entire album. Also they focused in more melodic-obscured guitar lines and musical arrangements, which take them in a more professional level. The roots are thick in different sources, but everything is tied and very well-conceived musically speaking. Maybe they forced a bit some “modern” elements (some melodic choruses, here and there) but as the band moves in an eclectic and passionate extreme metal, is not that bad. This is a good album made of six tracks full of violence, sonic aggression and holocaustic vocal lines. Honestly, I think this band will go for more in a near future. You can read the review of debut album here. – Victor Varas

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