AGHOR Necrolivonica Review

Aghor cover art

AGHOR “Necrolivonica”

Offense Records

I don’t think this band manage to belong in death metal and punk genre at same time, actually I don’t even believe that mix could exist. But, who cares about tags anyway? Coming from Estonia, these guys play a very rabid and twisted form of punk metal.

The curious thing is that music is highly influenced by death metal. All tracks have the same spirit of vertiginous and aggressive vibe, forged with extremely heavy guitar riffs and effective structures in 4/4. My only complaint is that for moments everything sounds a bit repetitive and after some minutes of the same riff, the thing becomes bored. I admit that the band made me shake my head unwittingly, but they should fix some details and that’s it. My favorite track is “Underground Abyss” which is composed in the true metallic spirit and delivers great death metal atmospheres for crushing your speakers. As extra info, logo was drawn by mighty Christophe Szpajdel. – Victor Varas


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