ARMAROTH False Vision Review

Armaroth cover art

ARMAROTH “False Vision”

Self -released

I don’t know much about extreme metal scene in Slovenia, but I know there is a very strong one. What I have here is a very decent piece of Death metal with interesting brutal elements, corrosive sections and great moments of technical stuff.

It’s a short EP release but five tracks are effective and enough to show that these young guys have excellent ideas and many hours in rehearsal room. All tracks have distinct personalities, forged in old school sounds, classy guitar riffs and poisonous atmospheres. My favorite track is “Cell that we bleed” which is an excellent piece of brutal death metal ala old Incantation. They added some sinister keyboards here and there and definitely give another level to atmospheres. The main theme of this release is about mind control by “the box”, of course they refer to television, and beyond the fact that is not a new conceptual point in death metal music, we can’t deny it forms a paradigm in own criteria. The band sounds good and seems like they are on the road to produce a full length album soon. – Victor Varas

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