CROPSY MANIAC Shear Terror Review

Cropsy Maniac cover art

CROPSY MANIAC “Shear Terror”

Dead Beat Media

Holy Shit! This is pure frenetic death/grind core!! This follows the traditional structures of the genre, and I must say that these guys created a very acceptable EP, just to destroy your speakers.

Coming from Kentucky and Oregon, this bloody entity is formed by members and ex members from other bands like Crypticus (Patrick Bruss on bass guitar) and Blood Freak. They recorded five tracks direct to the bone, and all of them are based in holocaustic guitar riffs, vomited vocal lines and many liters of blood and guts. Maybe you will not find anything you didn’t hear before, and maybe the priority of these motherfuckers is to compose total destructive music on D-beat structures, chaotic miasmas and … have a good time. Anyway, this is recommended for those who are looking for new beasts in grind core music and need a new flag to follow. As extra info, lastrack is a cover version from Haemorrhage.– Victor Varas

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