FORDARV Between the Eternities Review

Fordarv cover art

FÖRDÄRV “Between the Eternities”

Nigredo Records

I don’t think black metal genre is easy to forge these days. For those who testify its evolution all these years is clear that compositions must manage provocative structures and don’t fall into childish mistakes, which is common in young hordes.

As I hear this piece of cold, nasty and unholy black metal, I get some signals which can be translated as something that makes me chills my skin. Coming from Sweden, these guys composed an excellent debut album full of rusty elements we all adore from old school, especially from Scandinavian. All tracks have an obscured miasma in the vein of truly painful guitar riffs and chaotic structures. For moments, this piece of obscurity recalls me Darkthrone, and it’s true that the band is highly influenced by Fenriz & Cia, but it’s also true that these guys are looking for an own sound and definitely they are on the road, if you know what I mean. Also, I find a more eclectic basis musically speaking, as the band also added punkish vibes in some specific moments and that’s something that gives personality to the entire shit. Is interesting to know that this it’s also debut album for a new label. As I can see, they have a hit point with this record and I hope them still recruiting more black metal beasts, with thick roots on the grimmest side of the genre. It’s a debut album highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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