JUST BEFORE DAWN The Aftermath Review

Just Before Dawn cover art

JUST BEFORE DAWN “The Aftermath”

Chaos Records

This new album sounds solid, full of heaviness, and forged in massive sinister melodies. If you listened to debut album “Precis innan gryningen“, this could be the continuation of a solid death metal concept in a total Scandinavian vibe.

Again this Swedish guy Anders Biazzi invited a large number of collaborators where we can read high calibre personalities like Rick Rozz (guitars) Marc Grewe, Anders Strokirk, R. Hauber and Dave Ingram. Unfortunately, almost all tracks are mid-pace compositions and I don’t know why everything sounds pretty similar for me. In other words, seems like the album has the same atmosphere based in repetitive guitar riffs and down tempo structures. Of course, this comes with very interesting collaborations from a true metal constellation. As aforementioned, the entire album based its composition in only one simple and single rhythm, but you can find some excellent moments along the monotony. Dude… you have to be patient anyway. I must say in track five this album becomes predictable, flat and almost obvious. Maybe some of you like this album, is not for me this time. Btw, kudos for track “Death from Above”, which has a really aggressive participation of Puteraeon’s vocalist. – Victor Varas



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