Zero Tolerance cover art



It’s a good debut album from these Chilean guys. We are talking about solid guitar riffs with a thick spirit of death and thrash metal. All tracks are in Spanish and for moments it recalls me old Transmetal, Leprosy, and Malon.

Of course this is beyond primitive structures, as the band manages high octane guitar riffs and put distinct pieces of metal here and there, but I still here this predictable. I’m not that fan of this kind of metal based in rhythm section and repetitive stuff. Maybe they just have to work a bit more in tempo changes, and complex guitar riffs. I’m not saying they are bad musicians, and I don’t want to spoil the party. As aforementioned, this is a good debut album done with guts and a big metallic spirit, and people should understand that is not easy to get into the road of death metal and thrash metal with easy stuff. For instance, I think that if they change the idiom they can reach higher opportunities out there. It’s not a bad band; they just need time and a lot of work in rehearsal room. – Victor Varas

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