PENTHOS Lifeless Haze Review

Penthos cover art

PENTHOS “Lifeless Haze”


I don’t know why every time I review demos or debut albums from UK, I’m plenty satisfied because of its high quality. And I’m not here to lick balls to nobody. I’m just saying the truth. These guys released a very solid second demo highly influenced by old death metal from 90s.

It’s full of solid guitar riffs, destructive structures and excellent vocals. Actually, everything is tied by deep growling ala Napalm Death, Benediction, etc. and denotes a good vocalist (Rich Alden) who also manages guitar lines. This is the kind of death metal demos that calls my attention since all tracks have risky elements and compositions are looking for originality. My favourite track is “Lifeless haze” which is an excellent opus forged in twisted guitar lines, poisonous melodies and slow tempos. All is covered by a creepy atmosphere and hypnotic details here and there. Recording is direct to the bone and completes the superlative tunes in morbidity and deadly states of mind. It’s highly recommended for those worshippers of the roots of the genre. – Victor Varas

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