TREEWEAVER Aradia Review

Treeweaver cover art


Hypgnosis Records

Although I think this guy ripped some guitar riffs from Morbid Angel, the debut demo is not bad at all. Actually, I really liked some atmospheric miasmas based in chaotic elements included in the entire record.

Coming from Cleveland, Ohio TREEWEAVER is a one-man band highly influenced by 90’s extreme metal. I don’t think he has defined what the hell is the entity will be oriented, but almost all tracks are solid, tied in darkness and rusty sections. He added some black metal elements in specific moments, by composing certainly caustic guitar lines. But this musician also based rhythm guitars in old death metal from America. Maybe the weak aspect is that guitar solos, as all of them are chaotic, ugly and without technique or reason to be. The most important element of the whole shit is vocal’s work of Death Priest, and his deep growling throat. It seems like this guy is huge fan of ancient bands, as he captures the spirit of true deadly metal in every line he manages. It’s an interesting debut demo coming from underground scene of Ohio, and I’m sure this guy will record more and better stuff in a near future. – Victor Varas

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