TRIUMVIR FOUL An Oath of Blood and Fire Review

Triumvir foul cover art

TRIUMVIR FOUL “An Oath of Blood and Fire”

Godz Ov War / Third Eye Temple

Formed by ex-members and members from Unholy Crucifix, Cerebrate, Ash Borer, this new beast really called my attention with excellent atmospheric death metal forged in chaotic guitar riffs, poisonous lines and crushing structures.

It’s a duo hailing from Portland, Oregon, and obviously they have a large career before, in extreme metal business. All tracks are based in Scandinavian old sounds; actually the recording sounds crude and direct to the bone, but delivers high levels of morbidness. I liked it because music captures the real essence of rabid death metal with ominous guitar lines, pieces of bloody meat full of heavy and brutal performance. This piece of creepy death metal contains only four excellent tracks, including a cover from Autopsy. Of course, we are talking about an excellent preview for what seems to be a remarkable debut album. Soon, this demo will be released as a 7” EP. Hopefully I’ll hear more news from them this year. – Victor Varas

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