APOSTATE Time of Terror Review

Apostate cover art

APOSTATE “Time of Terror”


I’ve always hated long tracks in doom metal bands. For some reason I just can listen to first four minutes with no problem, but after that, everything turns bored, hypnotic and predictable. This case is different because the band managed excellent and quite distinctive sections in all tracks, and everything is tied with a dense atmosphere of darkness and sorrow.

Coming from Ukraine, this is supposed to be one of the oldest bands in death/doom metal genre in that country. They were formed in 1993 and released a couple of demos before they changed the name to Forgot Belief, in 1998. Bass guitarist Oleksandr Kostko reformed the band in 2009 and continued with two albums so far. This album contains five long tracks full of heaviness, slow tempo miasmas and excellent but primitive guitar riffs. Actually, all tracks are composed with thick roots in the most ominous and obscured side of the genre. Vocalist Bohdan Kozub did a good recording, but for moments I feel that his throat sounds a bit weak and flat. Maybe it’s a personal perception but I prefer even more sinister and low tuned vocals in the genre. Anyway, the band delivers good atmospheres in old school of painful doom metal. Of course all tracks are based in metallic spirit with no falsity. We have here musicians with huge knowledge in doom/death metal genre and they know what they are doing. It’s highly recommended for old skulls that bite putrid traces of grim music. – Victor Varas



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