DRUKNROLL Boiling point Review

Druknroll cover art

DRUKNROLL “Boiling point”

Metal Scrap Records

This is the third full length album of the band and I’m still very dubitative because of the eclectic sound and twisted compositions. Coming from Saratov, Russia, these guys landed in metal world in 2006. Of course they didn’t need to promote an official demo in underground scene, since they had tons of musical resources for a great heavy metal/modern metal band.

But, after three albums I really can’t get into the music in spite of its complex, melodic and well structured. On this album all tracks are very well produced, with many modern elements, melodic lines and a furious combination of heavy/hard rock vocals and guttural vocals. No doubt all musicians have high skills, especially drummer Petr “Jester” Fateev, who inserts many small details, with class and progressive metal roots. Actually, everything is tied by high influences of progressive metal, and that’s the point where I can’t catch it. Music has excellent moments, even good hooks in melodic chorus, but sometimes everything sounds very intricate, with many different sections, stop-and-go parts, and easily you can get lost. Maybe I should listen more to this “modern metal” just to catch it easily. The band is not bad at all and I must say that all tracks contain strong doses of metallic spirit. That’s something I really like from any band. For more info, visit the label’s webpage, as definitely these guys don’t care about promotion in English language and all info in booklet and in web pages is on native tongue. (Even the title of the album) – Victor Varas



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