INSEPULTO The Necrodex Review

Insepulto cover art

INSEPULTO “The Necrodex”

Memento Mori

Before I listened to this piece of putrefaction, I already knew it was going to be an excellent death metal release, since I read it’s featuring members and ex members from bands like Paganus Doctrina, Pseudostratiffied Epithelium, and Mummified (Costa Rica). All tracks are based in almost primitive structures but you can smell sulphuric stench in every note.

Dude, this is old school, and it sounds solid, poisonous and a bit technical. Every element stands in its place looking for an own personality, but all guitar riffs denote people highly experienced in extreme metal business, as it deliver deadly stench and Scandinavian old school’s references. Almost all tracks sound balanced and effective as structures are solid and very well conceived, but the band manage good tempo changes (with touches of brutality in specific moments) and melodic guitar arrangements with class. There is no trendy stuff here, and this horde doesn’t need false pretentions or shit like that. What we have here is a stinky piece of morbid death metal full of anger and pain. It’s recommended for old skulls and alopecic mother fuckers who worship the genre, and those who worship high octane albums from Central America. – Victor Varas

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