STEEL INFERNO Arcade Warrior Review

Steel Inferno cover art

STEEL INFERNO “Arcade Warrior”

Self Released

Holy shit! Dude, this is authentic heavy metal! Coming from Denmark (although is featuring members from Poland, France and Greece) these guys released a two tracks 7” vinyl quite solid and sharp.

Both tracks are forged in NWOBHM sound, and it seems like they just want you to raise your fist and bang your head. Of course there are many influences here, mainly from German heavy metal and speed metal from 80’s, but they composed some really good musical arrangements rooted in the most seminal side of the genre. You will hear roots on early Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, even Merciful Fate. It’s true that vocalist Karen Collatz has a particular tessitura in her throat, and for moments recalls me Nicole Lee of Znowhite, but if you ask me, she is still looking for an own style and she should work more for a more aggressive performance. Or maybe the recording sounds weak, but she is an authentic demon made of steel on live stages. The band is preparing a full length album and I can’t wait for it. It’s high octane heavy metal!! – Victor Varas

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