CORRUPT LEADERS Grindmother Review

Corrupt leaders2 cover art



Is this the band that recorded a grandmother’s guttural voice? Yep, and later this video became viral. Btw, that old woman is not bad at all for extreme metal business, hehehe! Coming from Canada, these guys released their third EP of Grindcore metal full of holocaustic guitar riffs and old school vibes.

I reviewed another EP which you can read here, and definitely, it continued with the same kind of punkish grindcore line. This is a 3 minutes EP released only for Bandcamp site, and it has all the furious elements you expect from the genre. These four short cuts sound really violent and crude, and for moments it recalls old vibes ala Extreme Noise Terror, early Terrorizer, etc. You know these chaotic metal riffs based on pure punkish influences. As aforementioned, the band invited a grandmother to do some guttural voices. Not bad at all. What’s next? Vintage-grindmother metal? It’s highly recommended for followers of punkish and rabid stuff, and also for those curious, of course. – Victor Varas

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