DYING OUT FLAME Shiva Rudrastakam Review

Dying out of flame cover art

DYING OUT FLAME “Shiva Rudrastakam”


The more I hear this album the more I get convinced that it’s a genuine jewel from one of the most exotic places in the world, for metal music. After all this time I never thought to have the opportunity to hear and review a death metal album coming from Nepal. This is unique.

Opener track delivers an interesting mix of local music and progressive music with exclusive elements from traditional instruments and fantastic atmospheres made of female voices. (I think what we have here are mantras) After that, we can hear an excellent death metal made of the most sinister and ominous roots, but the band produced high octane compositions mixing the old school and traditional elements. You can’t deny these guys made a step beyond creativity, and makes you take a trip into well balanced music and superlative dark atmospheres. This is authentic technical death metal with class, and over all, it’s making homage to its own culture. I really liked it because they continue adding those distinct choruses, like mantras, on specific moments and combine brutality and chaos with very particular atmospheres. The result is awesome. Dude, I wish I know more about what happens in that side of the world. Musically speaking I’m pretty satisfied even if I’m sure this is only the tip of the Iceberg. Definetely is one of my discoveries of the year. – Victor Varas



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