EMBRIONAL The Devil Inside Review

Embrional2 cover art

EMBRIONAL “The Devil Inside”

Old Temple

The second full length album from this Polish beast is absolutely fantastic. Did someone say that Polish death metal is going to sound the same all the time? Absolutely not! This death metal entity recovered the old vibes of the most morbid and holocaustic side of the genre and composed ultra-complex and dark structures full of blood and painful guitar riffs.

Following the heaviness from last album, this newborn sounds more mature, ominous and solid. Yes, it is a bit more technical than previous works, and brutal on specific moments, but the band knows how to balance dark atmospheres with musical resources, and music stays away from typical arrogant mutations full of complexity and shiny productions. Embrional is in a point where they can presume an own sound, and all tracks deliver a particular perspective of the true essence of dark death metal. Kudos for amazing guitar work and musical arrangements in tracks like “Callousness” and “In Darkness”, where we can hear a dedicated musician making good stuff forged in metallic spirit and evilness. It’s another album highly recomended for old skulls, followers of rotten and complex death metal. – Victor Varas



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