HORRIFIED Descent into Putridity Review

Horrified cover art

HORRIFIED “Descent into Putridity”

Memento Mori

Coming from Newcastle, UK (an area that has a high reputation of really good bands in rock history) this entity features members from Winds of Genocide. Yep, this is death metal with thick root on European old school, but they added some touches of punkish vibes.

Of course they have influences from old Napalm Death, precisely in the punkish side, and it also delivers high doses of putrefaction and stinky guitar riffs. Actually, almost all tracks are based in primitive structures and solid guitar riffs. No place for arrogant complexity here, but these musicians composed interesting sections, and I’m sure you will be pleased with no problem. My favorite one is “Buried among putrefied flesh” which captures de essence of the most obscured, caustic and morbid death metal ala 90’s, yes sir. Maybe the recording sound of drum set is a bit weak, and definitely they have to work to make it better on next album, but everything else is fine, and deserves your attention if you are fan of death metal with sulphuric stench. – Victor Varas



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