IMPIOS Total Heresia Review

Impios cover art

ÍMPIOS “Total Heresia”

Gravadora Inferno

This is a totally holocaustic, profane and direct-to-the-bone piece of black metal coming from the underground scene in Brazil. Although it seems like these young demons have recorded only one demo, it really captures good atmospheres among darkness and cold structures.

Of course, they are highly influenced by Scandinavian old sounds, but they reinterpreted the vibes, and released this decent demo. All tracks have profound roots on 90’s sound, as everything is tied by primitive guitar riffs but with superlative metallic spirit. Also, I can’t say it’s the most original black metal band I’ve heard, but every element sounds fine and, if you don’t want to innovate in the genre but your compositions sound good, It’s ok for me anyway. I liked this demo because it sounds raw, dirty and chaotic, but everything is solid. Also, some tracks are sung in mother tongue (always gives a particular taste to the genre), and it seems like they are authentic beast on live stage, as we can hear track 6 which is a live recording. You can hear numerous fans worshipping because of what they are seeing. All in all, it’s a good demo from Brazilian underground. Hopefully, they will release a debut album soon. – Victor Varas

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