Album Review HOODED MENACE Gloom Immemorial

Hooded Menace cover art

HOODED MENACE “Gloom Immemorial”

Doomentia Records

For those who missed the Split vinyl releases (including myself), this compilation reunites everything the band produced so far in that format. This CD really worth every penny because you can find tracks that are only in vinyl version, and also you can hear the evolution since “Fulfill the Curse”.

What I have here are eleven songs forged in the slowest, putrid and caustic side of the genre. This is authentic gloomy, dark and thick metal. Somehow mastermind Lasse Pyykkö found a privileged place in the road of doom/ death metal, by composing for one of the most sinister bands of the north of Europe. This release includes a rare track called “I, Devil Master“, which is taken from the compilation Live Evil Volume 1 by Less Music in 2010 (only 500 copies). My only complaint is that they did not include two cover versions from the EP “Necrotic Monuments”. I want to hear the cover version of Witchfinder General!! Anyway, as aforementioned, this is an excellent opportunity for those who missed an important part of the discography, and for those who never heard about the band before and just want to discover one of the biggest names in the genre nowadays.- Victor Varas

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