Album Review BOOZE CONTROL Heavy Metal

Booze Control cover art



It’s another heavy metal band coming from Germany and making homage to the extensive list of big names in that country. Well, I don’t think these guys want to innovate anything in the genre since they seem to be highly influenced by Helloween, Running Wild, etc.

But I really liked this fresh atmosphere full of melodic guitar riffs, touches of NWOBHM and high pitched vocalist. Actually, this guy David Kuri (also handles guitar) has really good moments where we can hear loud screams with metallic spirit ala Tony Moore from Riot. Also, they deliver high octane choruses and hooks in the vein of the most epic side of the genre. “Atlantis” is a good example, with twin guitars ala Maiden, and melodic hooks composed to make you raise your fist. My favourite song is “Hellspawn” which is a great example of Germanic Speed/Power metal with class. The band sounds great and quite professional. It does not seem to be an amateur band, since there are some excellent musical arrangements here and there. Support this bands coming from underground, they really deserve your attention!! – Victor Varas

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