Album Review OBSCURE INFINITY Perpetual Descending into Nothingness

Obscure Infinity cover art

OBSCURE INFINITY “Perpetual Descending into Nothingness”

F.D.A. Rekotz

Don’t confuse this German beast with Mexican band Infinitum Obscure (as I did time ago). These guys are on the third full length album, but they also have released various Split vinyls with other bands and now they are quite recognized in the international graveyard.

We are talking about high octane death metal made with blood, fire and rotten sounds. All tracks have a particular perspective of melodic death metal and these musicians based the sound on Scandinavian roots, but added some fresh elements here and there, and that’s the point: it sounds distinct. It seems like these compositions are the result of hours behind rehearsal room, as it contain numerous musical arrangements and small details in specific sections. I really liked because the entire album delivers a well-balanced death metal with influences from 90’s. Also, they managed some excellent guitar solos with total metallic spirit. Actually, guitar work is awesome. In some moments this make homage to Nordic black metal, and included some sections full of epic elements ala old Dissection. All in all, this is an excellent death metal album and its highly recommended for old skulls followers of the most traditional side of the genre. – Victor Varas

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