Album Review ACERO LETAL Veloz Invencible y Duro Metal

Acero Letal cover art

ACERO LETAL “Veloz Invencible / Duro Metal”

Witches Brew

Aaaargh!! What a piece of true metal I have here!! This is supposed to be a single, and includes only two songs forged in the most sharp and holocaustic side of heavy metal. First one is called “Veloz Invencible” which is an ode to Germanic speed metal in 80’s.

We find fast guitar riffs, melodic sections and ultra-vertiginous structures. Second one is called “Duro Metal” and it’s more oriented to the style of NWOBHM: totally heavy metal guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and a river of iron and liquor in the veins, in the place of blood. They included an excellent slow section ala “How many tears” (Helloween). Of course, it seems like these guys have huge knowledge about the heavy metal genre, despite they have been part of extreme bands like Miserycore, Human Infected, Grave Malefice, etc. Everything is tied with a taste of rusty heavy metal, dirty and with class at the same time. The band sounds good and I will recommend it for those followers of ancient metal forged in red fire. Yes, they are Chilean and they are coming for you, motherfuckers!! – Victor Varas

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