Album Review BROKEN LINGERIE Lying Words

Broken Lingerie cover art


Dirty Chords Records

This sounds hard and heavy, and I like it. Coming from Madrid, Spain these girls have a great rock spirit running in the veins as they present five tracks full of solid compositions based in melodic hooks. Of course they have huge influences from punk/rock music ala Misfits, New York Dolls, Ramones etc, but they balance very well all elements with heavy touches of AC/DC.

If you ask me this is the kind of bands that really call my attention, as recall me old bands like The Runaways, and despite they are still shaking off some traces of amateurism, they really have this touch of honesty in every note and every lyric. Did I mention that vocalist Raquel Diaz sings in English? Well, she did an excellent job, and she makes you move your head unwittingly with a really solid and powerful attitude at microphone. Maybe she doesn’t screams lyrics too loud, but I admit everything is tied with an excellent spirit of rock n’ roll and liberty. And that’s what this is supposed to be this music, isn’t it? – Victor Varas

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