Album Review RUNNING DEATH Overdrive

Running Death cover art


Punishment 18 Records

Well, this is another thrash metal band coming from Germany, and yes: it sounds excellent. After a couple of EP’s and a demo, these Bavarian guys released a debut album full of solid structures of thrash metal, progressive metal and touches of hardcore music.

Of course they have high musical skills and they really know how to manage excellent guitar riffs on a mix of melodic stuff and aggressive perspective. Also, from first notes we notice a very aggressive bass guitar sound, and it’s a good seal in the entire album, that gives personality and class. As aforementioned, these guys handle excellent technique at instruments, and for moments music delivers very complex sections and awesome scales, recorded quite fast. I liked the album because it sounds balanced with heavy metal, punk spirit and thrash metal. Kudos for track “Mercenary” which contains high octane guitar works. It’s highly recommended for those followers of the genre who like new bands with original sound and interesting touches of modernity. As extra info, cover artwork was created by talented artist Gyula Havancsak. – Victor Varas

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