Album Review BLOODROCUTED Disaster Strikes Back

Bloodrocuted cover art

BLOODROCUTED “Disaster Strikes Back”

Punishment 18 Records

Coming from Belgium, these young thrashers released a very decent second full length album full of fast guitar riffs, and full of elements from the most traditional side of the genre.

It seems like these guys are highly influenced by Slayer in the 90’s, and all tracks are based in solid rhythm sections, as well as total aggressive guitar riffs forged in insanity, vertiginous scales and punkish attitude. These guys are not inventing something new, and definitely they are far from being the most innovating thrash metal band this year, but everything is on its place musically speaking and my only complaint is that vocalist Bob Briessinck (also in lead guitars) for moments sounds weak and flat. Maybe his throat was sore in the time of recording session, or something. After all, this is thrash metal music, and the band does its job, certainly with guts and strong attitude. This is an album recommended for those collectors of the European underground. – Victor Varas

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