Album Review GORGATRON Inner Supremacy

Gorgatron cover art

GORGATRON “Inner Supremacy”

Zero Budget Records

It’s an excellent piece of brutal and destructive death metal coming from North Dakota. As a second full length album, this shows a band mature and solid, and definitely it will call your attention if you are worshiper of death metal ala old school mixed with old grind-core elements.

All tracks sound raw, dirty and direct in your face, although sometimes the recording of drum set is a bit weak. For moments the band really shows powerful and chaotic atmospheres, as they create ominous rhythm sections as well as deadly growls. Also, I have to say that all tracks have high level of complexity, which is composed in fast structures and hard vocal lines. If you ask me, these guys are not innovating anything of the genre but still the band sound quite professional and raw at the same time, which denotes people quite involved in death metal genre. This album includes a hidden track which is an ode to windy contemporary music. It’s a Capella, to say something! Hehehe! Support the underground scene! – Victor Varas

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