Album Review GRAVEYARD AFTER GRAVEYARD Hellhound on My Trail

Graveyard after graveyard cover art


Chaos Records

I’m not that fan of Rogga and his large number of bands, but I admit I really enjoy some of his works in Paganizer, Putrevore and Revolting. This time he joined forces with drummer Jocke Ringdahl and the currently guitarist from Grave, Mika Lagrén, and created this new project full of caustic guitar riffs, frenetic rhythmic sections and (almost punkish) vocal lines.

Of course, we are talking about one of the most prolific musicians in death metal genre, nowadays: Rogga Johansson. It seems like he found another leisure time, he felt a bit thoughtful, and then created this band which is more oriented to melodic death/thrash metal with touches of punk spirit. Actually, This is a furious mix of alcoholic thrash metal and death metal. Maybe is not the most original stuff I’ve heard this year, but everything is tied by a rabid atmosphere which is a good seal for the entire album, and I liked it. On five tracks (and a track noise-experiment) Rogga shows that he is the man of thousand projects, and he knows how to compose in order that these projects don’t sound the same each other. At least it is not what is meant to be, and here denotes thick roots in basic stuff. Again, it’s fresh flesh recomended for his large fan base. Hungry old wolves: smell it and keep your distance! – Victor Varas

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