Album Review BETOKEN Beyond Redemption

Betoken cover art

BETOKEN “Beyond Redemption”

Buil2Kill Records

For some strange reason this band reminds another Italian band called Athena in mid-90’s. It’s a solid mix of heavy metal and progressive metal in a European clasic sound. Coming from Lombardy, these quite experimented guys created a good fifth album, and it’s forged in melodic heavy metal, power metal and highly influenced by progressive/ambient metal.

All tracks are tied by good melodies and hooks in guitar riffs, so you can imagine it’s another example of the so called “power metal” wave from Italy. Actually, this album is more oriented to heavy metal sounds, and it’s not that “fast” if you know what I mean. Also, in almost all the time we can hear a male vocalist who sings in suitable mid-range, and includes a female vocalist called Eva Rondinelli in some specific moments. This is a good band forged in melodic lines and progressive metal elements, but for some reason fourteen tracks are too much for me and I need a bit patience to make it to the end. Anyway, I know there are people out there that will enjoy this more than I do. Sorry, it is not for me. – Victor Varas

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